100% discretion


Detective office

Why us?

We act legally. We are a licensed detective office. We  act on the basis of the license issued by The Provincial Police Commander in Katowice. We have an essential registration to the registry of private detectives conducted by The Ministry of Internal Affairs And Administration. Do you have any doubts? Check us.


What makes us stand out?

Our team.

Our detectives have gotten experience in such areas as operational and investigating work or special reconnaissance for many years. Having duty in the country and abroad, we built our professionalism. Abilities  and knowledge got in the process of being on duty let us to look into your case penetratingly and select methods that enable us to bring your case to the end. For many years, our detectives act serving in:

– Criminal Police Department
– Antiterrorists Police Subunits
– Central Police Investigation Bureau
– Polish Military Special Units
– Custom and Tax Office


Our professionalism.  We base quality of our services on the highest qualifications of our detectives. We will take up your case in individual and reliable way. You can count on our full engagement and discretion. The research that we will conduct before our operations will be completely confidential and kept secret. 

We increase our effectiveness and quickness through the cooperation with partner offices abroad. Our office established cooperation with institutions conducting DNA tests, acting in the area of cybersecurity and Laboratory of Polygraph Tests. 

Your case is a highest priority for us. Our rich experience as well as wide competences will be a guaranty of our success. Choose professionals. 

Where do we work?

Close to the client. We work in Katowice and in the neighborhood, however we will make provision for you  and extend our operations to Silesian area and the whole country as well. 

You need help? Contact us! We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.