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We provide detective services in Katowice, Silesia and Poland.


Experience in special services

Our detectives have gotten experience in such areas as operational and investigating work or special reconnaissance for many years. Having duty in the country and abroad, we built our professionalism. Abilities  and knowledge got in the process of being on duty let us to look into your case penetratingly and select methods that enable us to bring your case to the end. For many years, our detectives act serving in:

– Criminal Police Department
– Antiterrorists Police Subunits
– Central Police Investigation Bureau
– Polish Military Special Units
– Custom and Tax Office


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Close to the client

Our detective office deals with cases in Katowice, the entire Upper Silesia and Zagłębie. At the client’s request, we carry out our investigative activities throughout the country and abroad.



Any doubts?

Probably you are here because you need help in family or work issues.

Both of them can make you much trouble. You are looking for a detective because your case is sensitive and needs taking due steps. We understand your questions.

We are willing to answer the questions that come into your head when you think of handing over your case to our detectives. These are some of them:


These are very sensitive, sometimes painful cases that often go into the area of intimate life. We are going to interview you and gather the material necessary to begin operations. It will depend on the case how much time we need to end it. We work as quick as possible and our priority is to keep actions in secret. We will provide you incontrovertible body of evidence that will be a reliable source of information for the court.

We give our detectives possibility to focus on the operations. At the same time we keep in touch with the client so that he/she can decide about further steps in special situations.

Yes. We take that kind of cases. They are not easy because there is probability that the previous detective was uncovered or a different action caused that the person who is watched suspects attendance of the detective. Next, the person we watch took higher protective measures and we are forced to take extra operations to keep our attendance in secret. 

Yes, we realize that kind of tasks. The details of our actions depend on the structure of the company and client’s suspicions. We conduct reconnaissance and the environmental interview and then we make decision about the specific methods of action.

Yes, it is a guarantee that the client is decided to bring the case to an end. The most important for us is the final effect of the case in the form of reliable evidence and satisfied client.(Not applicable to specific situations)

Yes. That kind of tasks are very time – consuming because we put emphasis on precision and discretion.

Yes. Such case requires of countersurveillance. We watch the client and his environment in order to find the potential source of danger.

We cooperate with Central Laboratory of Polygraph Tests. They will make tests for private and court’s needs. You will make the test in a lower price through the agency of our office.

Yes, in such cases we conduct observation. Then, we gather the body of material and set the way of action when the vandalism takes place. 

Contact with us. We will answer all your questions.

Dear client, we are professionals , we do not promise but act until we reach a goal.