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Surveillance of a child’s community

Adolescence is a difficult time in a child’s life. The teenager often acts spontaneously and forget about the responsibility for oneself and others. Evaluation of danger that waits in the environment is not the teenager’s strong point. The significant problem of the child who is slipping out of parental care is certainly gullibility and trust toward strange people. At the same time we can’t forget that adolescence is the time of youth revolt and any attempts of protecting the child intensify tension and teenager’s objection.


Don’t wait if your child behaves in unnatural way. Avoiding contact with close people, coming back home late sometimes under the influence of alcohol, drugs or designer drugs, aggressive attitude toward close people or lack of interest in a previous form of spending time, these are certainly the reasons to check the environment your child stays in. Do not ignore the signals coming from the teaching staff. When the child steals at home or in public , undoubtedly he/she is under somebody’s influence. We can check it for you gathering the necessary information about those people. We will conduct a detailed reconnaissance and determine the source of problems. We will check up your child’s company and give you necessary information because such situations need quick reaction of the caregiver.

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